To Lead Successful Work Teams, Don’t Focus On Work

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Leading work teams can be extremely challenging because you are suddenly put in a position where you are expected to lead a group of your peers. Even though you are responsible for the outcomes of the project, you have no formal authority over team members’ actions. How do you get everyone to respect your position without appearing bossy? How do …

Help your Millennial Employees Succeed in the Workplace

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According to a recent article in Time magazine, “Your ability to attract, develop, and retain young leaders will make or break your company in the coming years.” These young people currently entering the job force are known as Millennials, and they are very different from previous generations of workers.                                                           The Millennial generation, also referred to as Generation Y (or, more …

Make – and Keep – a Great New Year’s Resolution

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I find it hard to believe we’ve almost reached the end of the year! My thoughts are consumed by trying to remember everything I need to do before the New Year. However, I also know how important it is to plan for what I want to accomplish next year – before next year arrives. If you’re like most people, your …

You should enjoy board service

Non-profit board service can – and should – be fun!

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Being a non-profit board member requires a significant commitment of time and effort. I’ve heard plenty of board members refer to board service as their second job – except one where instead of making money they give it away. Yet, when done right, board service is tremendously fulfilling and enjoyable. Serving as a non-profit board member should be a personally …

Measure Success

5 Simple Steps to Measure Program Success

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I’ve found that many nonprofit staff members find it difficult to explain how they know their programs are successful. They can communicate what their programs are supposed to do, quote positive feedback from clients, and share personal observations that allow them to assume their programs are successful. Many can’t, however, provide data to support whether or not their programs actually do what …

Can non-profit organizations learn anything from the corporate world?

Can non-profit organizations learn anything from the corporate world?

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Non-profit organizations are not traditional businesses with traditional business goals. We can all agree on this. What I’ve found people don’t agree on is whether or not non-profits can learn anything from the business world. While there are a few key factors that differentiate non-profits from the business sector, these organizations actually have a lot in common. And non-profits would …

Use your Strengths

The Leadership Workout: Know your Strengths

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I’ve noticed when conducting job interviews that candidates have particular trouble answering questions related to their strengths and weaknesses. One question I ask is extremely straightforward: What feedback has a supervisor recently provided to you (for example, at your last formal evaluation) about your strengths, as well as your areas for improvement? If a candidate has trouble answering this, I …