Self-awareness and Authenticity in Leadership

Self-awareness and Authenticity in Leadership

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The most important quality for a leader to develop is self-awareness. While leadership is about creating change and inspiring others to act, in order to do this successfully we must devote ourselves to our own personal growth and development so we can be authentic in our interactions with others. In our highly competitive culture we often feel like we must …

Dream Big for 2017!

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Can you believe 2016 is almost over? It has been a whirlwind of a year! This time of year is a great time for reflection, but it is also a time to look forward – to understand how the decisions we’ve made in the past have brought us to where we are now and to determine what kind of life …

When Help Isn’t Helpful

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We’ve all done it at one time or another – volunteered to help with a task and ended up completely taking it over ourselves, or provided advice that turned into a directive of what someone should or should not do. We were trying to be helpful. We thought if we did something ourselves it would get done more quickly, or …