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Jene_KapelaWelcome to my blog! I am excited to have this opportunity to share my thoughts with you on various topics related to leadership.

For the past six years I spent my “free time” working on my Doctorate degree and then participating in Leadership Broward Class XXX. Since completing these programs, I have put a lot of thought into deciding what is next for me. It is important to me that I spend my time in a way that is meaningful to others, encourages my professional growth and development, and leverages the things I am good at and enjoy doing. I came to the conclusion that I should focus on leadership both as a method to help others lead more fulfilling lives and as a way to help people become more effective in what they do.

Leadership is about influence and change, and I hope that my writing will influence you in some way to make a positive change in your life. I encourage you to comment on my posts to let me know if you enjoyed the topic and if the information I shared was helpful. Also, please feel free to suggest topics for me to address in future blog posts – I would love to hear your thoughts!

Jene Kapela, Ed.D.

You can contact Jene at jene@jenekapela.com.

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